I've always thought of myself as a house. I was always what I lived on. It didn't need to be big. It didn't need to be beautiful. It just needed to be mine. I became what I meant to be. I built myself a life. I built myself a house.

Kevin Kline as George Monroe in Life as a House

We must learn what a building can be, what it should be, and also what it must not be...

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, German born American architect. 1886-1969

Whether you are planning an addition or building from scratch, working with an architect can aid in the proper planning of your dreams. From the initial stages of planning and zoning issues to the final documentation that is used to construct the project, it is the Architect's job to help you create your new space.

An attentive Architect listens to your needs, desires, requests and transforms/incorporates them into the design.